for Vivo® slab and plasterboard low thickness smoothing
The extra thin-layer FINITURA plaster is a mixture of gypsum hemihydrate, hydrated lime, limestone, selected aggregates, resins and additives. Extremely thin layers can be obtained (up to 0.2 mm) without the product get skinned or will chalk. Suitable for final finishing of civil plasters and substrates with high water absorption such as gypsum blocks, gypsum plasterboards and fibrous reinforced plasterboards, allowing fast and economical working.

  • Residual at 100 µm < 0,5%
  • Water / powder ratio 100/150
  • Setting time (Vicat) 180 - 240 min
  • Consumption 0,9 kg/sqm with thickness 1mm
  • Minimum thickness for application 1 mm
  • Maximum thickness for application 3 mm
  • Number of applications allowed 3
  • Fire reaction class A1
  • Moisture-free paper bag kg 25

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