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Agricultural plaster

Agricultural plaster is used as:

  • fertilizer in the cultivation of vineyards, olive groves and orchards;
  • calcium corrective in industrialized crops such as mushroom farms and greenhouses;
  • disinfectant in the stables of livestock farms.
Agricultural gypsum improves the effectiveness of phosphate, potassium and nitrogen chemical fertilizers. All soils benefit from agricultural gypsum due to its high ability to control erosion and promote water infiltration. It is suitable for drainage systems to eliminate water stagnation in alkaline soils. Furthermore, it transforms ammonia from the carbonate state to the sulphate state, prevents the development of carbon dioxide and destroys the germs of infectious diseases such as foot and mouth disease, thus minimizing the spread of infectious diseases among animals.

Dental plaster

Dental plaster is used to create dental models, aimed at making dental prostheses. Our plasters for the dental sector guarantee high precision and resistance for the best quality of work.

Orthopedic plaster

Alpha and beta plaster, resistant and easy to mould, is used for the creation of orthopedic plasters which guarantee correct immobilization of the bones.

Medical devices

Gypsum is also used for the creation of medical aids, such as plaster and alginate bandages, used for the treatment of wounds and injuries. This is because gypsum is a natural material which guarantees a high liquid absorption capacity and good resistance.

Refractory plaster

Refractory gypsum is a special gypsum used for the creation of casting molds for artistic foundries for the creation of refractory linings, used for the fusion of materials such as glass and bronze and low-melting materials. These plasters are featured by high resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

Plaster for cosmetics

Gypsum for creating masks and other "Thermal care" specialties for skin care. The effectiveness of our plasters is guaranteed by their high purity and high or high absorbency.

Industrial design

Plaster for the creation of three-dimensional models used in the automotive, aeronautical, nautical, etc. sectors. Plaster is easily moldable and durable to ensure model quality.


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