DEKO - Stucco ready in paste for interiors.

Ideal for smoothing large surfaces
Excellent on plasterboard sheets
Easily sandable

Stucco in paste DEKO is a white product and ready to use for application on plasterboard sheets and supports of various kinds. The high flowability makes Stucco in DEKO Paste ideal for smoothing large surfaces. Once hardened, the product has good adhesion, easy sandability and it is an excellent base for all types of wall paints. Stucco DEKO in Paste does not require treatments with fixatives primer before painting.

  • Application temperature: from + 5° C to + 40° C
  • Drying at 20° C: 2 to 6 hours
  • Layer maximum thickness: 1.5 mm each layer
  • Yield (thickness of approx. 1 mm): 1 m2/kg
  • Packaging: buckets of 5 and 20 kg

technical sheets

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