vivo x-alto


The example here shows an EI 120 certified wall. Wall thickness 12.5 cm on 75 mm. The wall with a total height of 10.50 m consists of n ° 15 rows of panels, 70 cm height with double vertical upright guides 49x99 mm and a center distance of 60 cm.

o realize the extension of upright guides create an overlap zone of 75/100 cm. Line up the two vertical uprights exactly back-to-back, fix them with Tecks flat-headed screws 4,2 x 15 every 25 cm. two by two on opposite sides. Fix the first vertical upright to the existing wall where the partition will begin. If the center-to-center distance between the uprights is 60 cm, fasten the second upright to 30 cm, then all the rest at 60 cm (likewise, if the first center distance is 40 cm, fix the second at 20 cm, then all others at 40 cm; if center distance is 30 cm, the second at 15 cm, then the rest at 30 cm).

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